Mobile Applications Could Help Mentally Distressed Persons in California

The off-site medication of the mentally challenged persons has become more virtual in the Golden State.

CalMHSA confirmed that the efficiency of employing computer applications to help people recover from any mental crisis had been proven in the past ten years. Based on the data released by the American Hospital Association, 76 % of hospitals in the U.S. already integrated digital mental health support services since 2017. This data got a 35% increase compared to the 2010 survey.

California, this time, wants to set the bar of its digital mental services higher. The state is now utilizing mobile apps to help people suffering from psychological problems and even those who have ‘suicidal’ tendencies.

One of the apps that doctors used in providing mental care is Mindstrong. This application allows the patient to keep monitoring his or her own biomarkers. Once the program detects anomalies exhibited by the user, including unusual or bizarre behavior, it will automatically send a warning. The red flag will signal the user to seek professional medical assistance.

Another digital platform that CalMHSA is trying to capitalize this year is the 7 Cups. The said portal serves as the communication hub for psychologists, mentally-challenged person, and other auxiliary medical service providers. The goal of this app is to establish some ‘chitchat’ box for the patients. Instead of dwelling much on their mental incapacities (which will just worsen the problem), by logging into the 7 Cups, they will find a real friend. The people on the other side of the line are professional mental health providers that will surely help the patient get across their psychological challenges.

Dr. Dana Mukamel said that these apps would surely benefit, not only the patients but the health professionals as well.

Using these mobile applications, they can monitor the psychological status of a vast number of people in no time.

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